Producer's Statement

A few years ago, my acting coach, D.W. Brown, told me about his idea for a film, ON THE INSIDE. It was based on a character study and an ensemble piece that he had originally created for his students. One of the characters appealed to me so much that I offered to produce the film and play the part of Ben, the passive-aggressive funny man.

I launched Jamie Kennedy Entertainment in 2008 and ON THE INSIDE became the launching pad for a slate of projects that are in various stages of development, production and post production. D.W. and I recruited an exceptionally talented cast from actors we knew. However, timing is everything and I was asked to join the cast of “Ghost Whisperer” just as principal photography on the film was about to begin. Pruitt Taylor Vince subsequently accepted the role of Ben and nailed it. I’m very excited to be able to bring to you ON THE INSIDE. And remember, listen to the voices of right and wrong in your head and choose wisely!

Jamie Kennedy

Jamie Kennedy Entertainment

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